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With over a decade of professional speaking experience, I regularly speak at a number of conferences each year. Recently I have spoken on Developer Evangelism, React, the Realtime Web, and chatbot development. If your company or event could benefit from learning about these and other interesting topics, drop me a line


Developer Week, NYC, June 2017

New Orleans March 22-24 2017
I presented AI Driven Serverless Chatbots
and Realtime Charts and Graphs.
This was a wonderful event with lots of good discussions, and amazing food & drink.

Developer Week
San Francisco, Feb 2017
I presented AI Driven Serverless Chatbots in various forms


IBM DevConS an Francisco
Nov 9th
I spoke about Chatbots and Beer

IoT Platform Conf (online) Oct 29th,

Connect.tech, Atlanta, Oct 21st & 22nd

Sept: Stream Conf, San Francisco Sept 28th

I moderated an exciting panel on

Realtime Stream Processing vs Big Data Analytics


WebRTC Expo: NYC August


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