A-ha! A track that ameliorates an Apple Music annoyance

Apple Music aficionados are already acquainted with an aggravating attribute of the app: when you plug your iPhone into your car, it automatically plays the first song in alphabetical order from your library. This gets old pretty quickly, but instead of deleting that song from your music (and then gradually going down the list like Arya Stark), you can now download a new track called “A a a a a Very Good Song” by Samir Mezrahi . It features 9 minutes 58 seconds of delectable silence, enough time to start driving and figure out what you actually want to listen to.

hey I released a blank song that will play 1st so that *one* song won’t play every time u plug ur phone into ur car https://t.co/FL83YUOOcz

— #1 samir (@samir) August 9, 2017

Mezrahi, who’s been in charge of social media strategy at BuzzFeed and The Dodo, now runs Kale Salad , a Twitter account that finds and shares original tweets and photos stolen by meme accounts . While at BuzzFeed, Mezrahi wrote about his own run-in with Apple Music’s automobile auto-playing quirk , which auditorially ambushed him with A-Team by Vampire Weekend every time he plugged his iPhone into his car. His article was posted back in May 2016, so even though this issue is relatively minor in the scheme of recent developments like the threat of nuclear war, it’s been preventing Apple Music users from living their best life for quite a while.

There are different (irritatingly complicated) things you can try to turn off the feature , but in the meantime, you can save your sanity and help Mezrahi realize his childhood dream at the same time:

It’s my dream ever since I was a little boy in 1987 to trend on iTunes and have the number one song, please help me make that happen. https://t.co/23SlQgbaAC

— #1 samir (@samir) August 9, 2017

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