Rob Foote’s Omnivorous Art

One of the hardest rules for me to follow as a kid was, ‘don’t play with your food’. There was seldom a mealtime when I wouldn’t end up with a river of spaghetti spilling over onto the table, and ‘trees’ of broccoli saturated with mashed potatoes (I always thought they were more suited for mixing then eating). Food is both a nourishing and visual experience, so its no wonder that it has become the center of many artistic bodies of work. Illustrator Artist Rob Foote has animated life and food in a way that will make you laugh and wish you had thought of it yourself! He calls this series ‘Samples from the Lab’

Croco Dill by Rob Foote
Cat Fish by Rob Foote

While all of these illustrations are whimsical and wild, each has its own varied conversation. The Cat Fish has its Cajun references, and yet, the image of those big penetrating cat eyes somehow give the impression of the animal saying, “Hey! get me out of this body, I belong jumping on couches!” Below, Foote makes an interesting dynamic, as he ‘documents’ the rabbits ‘popping’ open and hopping away. Each animal is well thought out, from the typography of the titles (see the molecules) to the foody mutations (such as the shell of the kernel as the inside of the rabbits ears).

Hop Corn by Rob Foote
Porka Pineapple by Rob Foote

Foote’s work is far more complex then just ‘edible animations’. Nonetheless, these specimens have the skilled rendering of Greys Anatomy and the crazy antics of Willy Wonka rolled into one, and that is good enough for me!

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