Charter Launches $65 Double Play Promo in Wake of Fleeing Users –

After continuing to bleed video subscribers in the wake of itssemi-bungled acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, Charter is offering a new promo it hopes could lure some new customers back into the fold. The company is now quietly offering new customers a double play offer that provides 60Mbps (100Mbps in some markets) broadband service and the company’s Spectrum Select TV package for $60 per month ($30 for each service).

That said, customers will still have to pay $6 for a ‘required’ cable box (included in the price) and another $7.50 a month for Spectrum’s
extremely misleading

Broadcast TV surcharge.

But the company is also throwing in a free year of Showtime to sweeten the offer further.

All told, the new promo will save users around $24 off of Charter’s older pricing, which charged users $60 for the TV portion and another $30 for internet.

The move comes after Charter lost
another 90,000 video subscribers last quarter , thanks in large part to the frozen speed upgrades, even worse support, and higher prices many customers have faced in the wake of its recent megamerger. This deal, which is for new customers only, isn’t likely to change that trend. Many existing customers are facing rate hikes as high as 40% after Charter CEO Tom Rutledge — the
highest paid executive in America last year

insisted these customers were “mispriced” and needed to be “moved in the right direction.”

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