My Emacs

I’ve been using Emacs for months now. When you get into this world you see a lot of people saying that Emacs its like an Operating System or that setting up Emacs its a lifetime task, and that’s true, you actually never get bored.

I started with a fairly simple configuration back then, with stock Emacs (no Spacemacs, no other people’s configuration). At first it looked difficult but I wanted something simple, not a super-big overloaded IDE, that I could control with only the keyboard and doesn’t have too many distractions for me so I was happy about that.

My Configuration Becoming Literate

Then I started to add those things I didn’t wanted. Why? Well maybe because you can, and you can do it with code! Started to learn Scheme/Lisp and Elisp (the Emacs version of this Scheme language) to create a bunch of functions and I saw a lot of videos of the EmacsConf to find new things to do. I moved all my configuration to a technique I now love: Literate Programming (which I’m actually thinking of creating a new programming/scripting language focused on this technique)

Back then, as I said, I added a lot of unneeded features that even though looked good it was “overloading” my Emacs. This is how it looked (2017/7/5)

Coming Back to Stock Emacs

As the time went by, I understood that Emacs can be an IDE but it’s more like an Operating System and since I use CLI programs, Emacs should be one of those. I started to remove unnecessary things from my configuration and replacing packages to Elisp functions (Still in progress with these). I also started creating my own low-contrast/low-distraction theme.

Checkout My Configuration

I use Emacs everywhere and for everything so I need my configuration wherever I go. I share my files through GitHub so you can checkout and download my configuration from here: .

This is the current state:

PS: When will we have’s API? I want a Terminal client! :D

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